Travelers recite from the day’s dusk till the shades ascend


Do you live in the community or the community lives in you?

Title of this blog is my version of “Are you in magic or magic is in you”. Try to find the answer for the question in title from my experience.

Jab we met – my school junior and me!!!

It feels great to have power to help people. Perhaps, what if that people include your friend or brother, what if you feel you are limited with your power?

When Garbage turned Guru – further realizations around a sustainable lifestyle

It started out with excitement and adventurous fun. A trek up to the top of Kavale Durga! We had woken up to the amazing culture and breakfast that we were

A sustainable giving lifestyle

While we are growingly waking up to the fact that the lives we lead are artificially burdensome and overly dependent on consumption; it’s still hard for most to fathom how

They say “good in service no one will beat”

Morning we got up early and had been to collection center which was a mini bank itself. This collection center the main motive is to collect the weekly loan EMI

SIRI Gramodyoga and Training center

After hearing to such amazing work done by SKDRDP by Dr. Manjunath Sir, we wanted to have a field visit to SIRI Gramodyoga and Training center We met Mrs Manorama

Siri and the way Forward.

Shree Dharmasthala Siri Gramodyoga Samshe is an NGO that is registered under section 25 of the NGO act. We had the privilege of taking to Ms Manorama Bhat who is

No Indian marriage is complete without a silk saree!!!

‘No Indian marriage is complete without a silk saree’. Silk may be as old as ages but women wanting it to wear a silk can never go old. Kolar is

Must-See Agumbe

After a lovely day.. we reached to Agumbe sun set point. Sky has been painted by the artist Sun. We should learn this art from the Sun -how one can

‘Wealth out of waste’

Charaka: ‘Wealth out of waste’ is the prominent motto at Charaka. A variety of activities were seen at this place. Starting with weaving materials to stitching clothes, block printing on

Gudigar of Banavasi

Gudigar or Gudigara are  craftsmen residing in the state of Karnataka, India. Their traditional profession was to build temples and places of worship. The skills were passed on only in the families of Gudigaras. Today


Hase – Chittara The prominent art highly visible in Charaka Trust was the folk art adorning the walls, window and door frames in Charaka. It was the true reflection and

Kasuti of Dharwad

Kasuti – We all had heard about the famous “Ilkal” Sari and witnessed the beauty of it only in films, songs and north Karnataka dramas. This was an opportunity for

Banana as a fruit and Banana leaf!!!

Banana, as known to everyone is a gigantic herb, a fruit crop cultivated worldwide. India stands one among the largest for cultivation of Banana. In India Banana as a fruit

Breeze from Pearl of Water

Water hyacinth is one of the fastest growing aquatic weed in fresh water lakes, rivers, ponds etc. It was originated from South America and distributed throughout the tropics. But it

Travel decorations

We have been decorating ourselves with the beauty of natural objects for thousands of years. Primitive man wore necklaces made from the bones, claws and teeth of slain animals. Today

Food for thought

Ambamma seen in the picture is about 74 years old. She has two daughters and two sons who are not willing to look after her financially. She works hard to

SIRI a new life

Mrs.Manorama Bhat Director of SIRI which is a non profit organisation.Never felt like I met her for the first time. She was very warm and welcoming. She was very honest

We snapped everything in our cameras and our eyes.

I want to give my simple and honest experiences of my journey from Bangalore to Belthangdi, Mangalore. We started our travel ship-Karnataka from Mind Tree-Phase 5 campus at 8 in

You absorb, you experience, you react, and you share..:)

Write ups on my experiences is difficult, like any habit. It’s easy to start it, but to sustain and keep it going takes commitment, which is something that we run

SKDRDP – Shri Kshetra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project, Belthangady

Unlike everyone in the trip I was very excited to start off my journey which came to me as a god given opportunity to unfold myself, the real life of

Dharmasthala culture.

I have had the privilege of working in both Indian companies and American companies. Besides this I have worked both in Corporates and in NGO’s. In both these type of